Monthly Archives: June 2017

Law In Hungary Limits NGOs’ Ability To Receive Foreign Funding

On 13 June 2017, the governing parties led by Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban passed the Law on the Transparency of Organisations Receiving Foreign Funds. This widely-criticised law requires civic groups receiving over €24,000 in foreign funding to register as “foreign-supported” and announce in most of their online and printed publications that they are

Human Rights Litigation Foundation considers third party interventions before the European Court of Human Rights

9 May 2017 The Human Rights Litigation Foundation has the honour to announce that the European Strategic Litigation Programme (ESLP) has launched into action as of 2 May 2017 with the commencement of its first large-scale project: third-party interventions before the European Court of Human Rights. Pursuant to Rule 44(3)(a) of the Rules of the