The Fundraising and Crowdfunding Programme (FCP)

The HRL Foundation will organise several fundraising and crowdfunding activities to promote external support for its programmes, but also for specific national or international cases of gross Human Rights violations handled by other lawyers or NGO’s. The Foundation indeed intends to help other actors that are seriously engaged in the fight for Human Rights as well as have the necessary expertise to litigate, when the financial barriers constitute a major obstacle to the access to justice.

While fundraising will be the privileged source of funding for the different HRL Foundation’s programmes, crowdfunding will be used for target litigation cases.

In a first instance, the Foundation will make use of the existing crowdfunding platforms. Ultimately however, the aim is for the Foundation to have its own crowdfunding platform, where victims of gross human rights violations or NGOs in contact with these victims will be able to send support request that, if approved, will be posted on the Foundation’s platform and managed by communication experts/story-tellers employed by the Foundation.

The Foundation will, among others, look for external supporters in Foundations, businesses, philanthropists and individual supporters.

This programme will naturally also include communication about the Foundation and its specific projects in order to gain in visibility and inform about its progress (i.e. publication of news and videos on social medias, journals, organisation of events, etc.)

To this end, the Foundation will set up a fundraising, crowdfunding, and communication department, whose task will be to continuously search for funds and promote the HRL Foundation’ objectives and cases.

Publicity and transparency are key elements in the code of conduct of the HRL Foundation. It will regularly publish reports, update the website and other (electronic) channels about its activities and funding. The Foundation will share its successes by specifying which programmes and activities were funded by which supporter(s) and by explaining what was exactly achieved with each support received.