The United Nations Programme (UNP)

I. Programme’s approach While the European Strategic Litigation Programme follows a global approach, based on systemic human rights violations committed by States Parties to the European Convention on Human Rights, the United Nations Programme intends to follow an individual approach, based on individual human rights violations committed worldwide. Through its United Nations Programme, the HRL

The European Strategic Litigation Programme (ESLP)

The European Strategic Litigation Programme will follow a global strategic litigation approach. Considering the significant number of systemic Human Rights violations committed in Europe, the HRL Foundation believes that the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), and in particular its ability to deliver pilot judgments , is a crucial tool to address structural deficiencies existing

The European Litigation Funding Programme (ELFP)

I. Programme’s approach The European Litigation Funding Programme will follow a more individual approach and will essentially focus on combating the financial barriers hindering the access to justice for the victims of gross human rights violations. The HRL Foundation has noticed a real paradox within European countries regarding the defence of human rights: Europe is

The Fundraising and Crowdfunding Programme (FCP)

The HRL Foundation will organise several fundraising and crowdfunding activities to promote external support for its programmes, but also for specific national or international cases of gross Human Rights violations handled by other lawyers or NGO’s. The Foundation indeed intends to help other actors that are seriously engaged in the fight for Human Rights as